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Coronet Head
Alternate name for Braided Hair design by Christian Gobrecht. See also Liberty Head.

The area below the main design that is separated by a line that often bears the date. An example of an exergue appears on the reverse of the Liberty Head "Buffalo" nickel.

Full Bands
A term that describes Mercury (Liberty Head) Dimes that have fully defined bands on the fasces. Abbreviated as FB.

No Cents Nickel
Liberty Head nickels struck in 1883 without a denomination. The lack of a denomination was very confusing to the public and led to the "racketeer" nickel scandal.

Racketeer nickel
A gold-plated 1883 No "CENTS" Liberty Head five-cent coin ("V" nickel). Legend has it that a deaf-mute gold-plated these unfamiliar coins and would use them as legal tender. Sometimes, he was given change for a five-dollar gold piece since the V on the reverse could be interpreted as either five cents or five dollars! They have also been gold-plated since that time to sell to collectors.

Synonym for the Liberty Head five-cent coins struck from 1883-1912.

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