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business strike
A term used to describe a coin that is being struck for circulation.

circulation strike
A coin struck for commerce. See also business strike or regular strike.

commercial strike

Mint Set
A set produced by the U.S. Mint of business strike coins for the year.

Businesses strike coin that has mirror-like surfaces. See also business strike.

regular strike
Synonym for business strike.

satin finish
A special matte finish usually on business strike coins. The U.S. Mint experimented with satin finish Proofs on the gold coins of 1909 and 1910 and with Mint Sets in the 2000s.

satin luster
Fine, silky finish seen mostly on copper and nickel business strike coins. Almost no "cartwheel" effect is seen on coins with satin luster.

Souvenir Sets
Special sets of business strike coins packaged by the Philadelphia and Denver mints to be sold at their gift shops.

Special Mint Set
A set of special coins-neither business strikes nor Proofs-first struck in limited quantities in 1965 and officially released in 1966-1967 to replace Proof sets, which were discontinued.

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