After spending some time to unpack and decorate, I am ready to welcome all readers to my blog on Coin Collecting. I started this blog to share my passion for coin collecting, share some news, and allow other collectors to converse about collecting and even brag about their collections. So let me start…

My primary interest are the coins of the 20th Century. I feel the 20th Century was an exciting 100 years with many advances in all areas. The 20th Century saw some of the most beautiful coin designs in US History. My favorites include Adloph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half-Dollar and Liberty Head “Mercury” Dime, James Earl Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel, Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ $20 Double Eagle, and Bela Lyon Pratt $5 Half-Eagle. The Pratt Half-Eagle is very intriguing because of the incuse design. If you have never seen one, visit your local coin shop and ask to see one.

I am trying to complete a date/mint-mark set of 20th century coins. The prizes amongst my collection are a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent and 1928 Peace Dollar. Both were gifts from my fiancée! She is a wonderful woman who encourages my collecting and even helps to enjoy my finds.

As time goes on, I will write more about my collection, interesting things I find, and some of the news I hear. Feel free to comment on whatever I write.

Happy Collecting!!

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