On this Thanksgiving I am sure we all have things we are thankful for. But since this is a blog for coins, I would like to thank the US Mint for a few collectibles that have inspired all. My favorite for the year was the Bison design for the Westward Journey Nickel Series™. Although the bison is not the same as the James Earl Fraser buffalo, but it was a great design. Also, the portrait of Jefferson had more character than the original.

I am thankful for the simple, yet elegant design of the 230th Marine Corp Anniversary Silver Dollar Commemorative. The very clean design and with the help of many Marine veterans, this coin was a phenomenal success. This coin has to make it to the classics of modern commemoratives.

And let us all be thankful for the continuing success of the 50 States Quarters® program. In many cases, I have learned something about some of the states whose quarters have been issued, whether it was depicted on their coin or in the stories of their selection. We should support H.R. 3885, a bill to extend the program to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. That would really be a good end to a great program.

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