After a few days of doing real work, I want to get back in to some numismatics. While sitting in my office waiting for a Friday afternoon meeting to start, I surfed over to the US Mint’s online catalog to see what is now available. I noticed that since January 5, the Mint has been selling the 50 State Quarters clad proof set. For $15.95, collectors can purchase the packaged clad proof quarters for this year (Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota). As a fan of the 50 State Quarters program, this is a nice set to have.

Yesterday, the Mint started pre-selling rolls and bags of uncirculated coins for the Return to Monticello design from the Westward Journey Nickel Series for shipping on January 28. This is the last coin of the series which features a full-face portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States. It’s an interesting concept, but I still like the Joe Fitzgerald designed portrait uses on the 2005 nickels. That portrait really ads a sense of character to Jefferson.

Next Tuesday, January 17 is the 300th Anniversary of Benjamin Franklin‘s birth and when the Mint will release the Benjamin Franklin commemorative coins. Under the Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin Program, there will be two $1 commemorative in uncirculated and proofs. One will represent the younger Franklin scientist. The other, the elder statesman. This is a nice set for commemorative collectors.

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