For all of you change hunters in the Washington, DC area, over the weekend I was able to put several S Mint Lincoln Cents from the 1940s and 1950s into circulation. All are previously circulated but I made sure to pick out those in the better conditions. They are all brown cents but should make for good hunting, especially for kids. These coins were spent in a number of places.

Somewhere in the Tysons Coner, Virginia area there is a 1909-VDB Lincoln Cent in Very Fine condition but with a weak VDB floating around. To round out the copper spending, there are also a dozen Canadian Cents from the 1950s also spent in several areas.

In the Rockville and Bethesda areas, there are three silver Roosevelt Dimes from the 1950s along with a five Buffalo Nickels from the 1930s in approximately Extra Fine condition now in circulation.

Finally, in the Tenleytown area of the District, I used 1964 and 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars to buy Powerball tickets (I should check my numbers!). Both 90-percent silver coins are in Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated condition. The girl behind the counter allowed me to use them with no questions!

I thought this would be fun and hope to hear from those who find the coins. Now I have to send a copy of this note to the local newspapers. Happy Hunting!

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