I admit that I am still a change hunter. During the day, I spend currency so that my change is returned in coinage. Sometimes I will look in the money draw and see if there are “different” coins stored in a side slot, like half-dollars. When I get home, I dump the change into a box for later search or I search anything that catches my eye. Searched change ends up in an old plastic pitcher that is cashed in at a local bank’s change counting machine every few months.

As part of this change hunt, I look for wheat-back cents, any silver coin, Bicentennial circulating commemoratives, and for coins that fill holes in the various Whitman folders that I use to collect this change. Those that are not added to a folder are saved in a special bank on my desk. On occasion, I will look closely at the coin for potential die varieties, like the wide versus narrow lettering varieties (1999D-1DR-003) in Lincoln cents. I also like to find foreign coins.

Lately, I have been finding quite a few Bicentennial Quarters. During a recent weekend in Florida, I was surprised when I discovered four of these coins with the Jack Ahr Drummer Boy design.

I hope others in the DC-area were able to find the coins I placed into circulation. Change hunting is fun. I only wish I would find more interesting items!!

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