I have a modest collection of Canadian coins. Nothing special. Just some circulating coins and Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins. So when I received a note about the release of new Maple Leaf coins, I thought that it was just another alternative Mapel Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM has a lot of products for collectors that seems a bit too much. I limit my purchases to silver Maple Leaf coins and circulating coins.

When I finally read my email, it was from a Canadian dealer announcing the availability of 2007 Maple Leaf coins. Like any good consumer I went to the RCM website to check the prices there, but found no 2007 coins listed. After visiting the websites of a few other Canadian dealers to find they were advertising 2007 coins, I called the one who sent the original note. It was explained to me that the RCM has minted and delivered limited number of “popular” collectibles to dealers to help boost sales with the holiday season coming. The RCM will post these coins for sale online in November.

This dealer had both the 2007 one ounce gold and silver Maple Leaf and the special 2006-2007 season coins commemorating Canadian hockey teams. These coins carry the 2007 date. He was expecting more coins later this week.

So to all our Canadian friends, Happy New Year!

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