Today at noon, the US Mint made the first coins of 2007 available for purchase from their on-line catalog. To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the first permanent settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia, the Mint is issuing proof and uncirculated gold and silver commemorative coins.

The Mint will be offering all coins at a pre-release discount until February 12. The proof silver sells for $35 but will be raised to $39 after the pre-release period. The uncirculated coins will sell for $33 then be raised to $35. The gold proof is selling for $232 and the uncirculated gold coin for $220. Both gold coins will be increased by $25 after the pre-release period. Shipping is expected to begin in late January or early February.

Coins may be ordered from the Mint on-line or via the telephone at 800-USA-MINT (800-872-6468).

Surcharges from the sale of these coins will be donated to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Department of the Interior, and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities to support programs that promote the understanding of the legacies of Jamestown.

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