My collecting habits have been put on hold pending the big month of March where I will be attending the American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Whitman Baltimore Coin and Currency Expo.

This will be the first ANA convention I will attend after missing the last time they visited Baltimore. With my parents living in Charlotte, I can take the opportunity to visit them and make it to the show. Of the many things to see at the show, I am looking forward to the collector exhibits. I have heard about the many different exhibits from others and have seen the exhibit pamphlet published by the ANA that makes it more intriguing. Also, Monnaie de Paris, Mint of Poland, and the Royal Canadian Mint will have tables at the show. It should be fun.

Baltimore seems to be a favorite place for dealers. In fact, the Baltimore shows are such a success it caused the ANA to move the National Money Show to Charlotte. Originally, the National Money Show (scheduled for Sacramento, California) and the Baltimore Show was on the same weekend. Because of booking conflicts with the Baltimore Convention Center, the Baltimore show could not be rescheduled. So if the ANA did not move the National Money Show, dealers would have to decide which show to attend.

Although it was not published, many dealers privately said that since business would be better in Baltimore and east coast dealers had to consider travel costs, they would rather attend the Baltimore show than the ANA show. It was strictly a business decision for many dealers. To prevent problems, the ANA moved the show to Charlotte and a week earlier.

Charlotte will be interesting for the interaction with the ANA. Baltimore will introduce Whitman Publishing as the new management of the show. Charlotte was organized in less than a year. Whitman takes over an established show that fills up three huge halls in the Baltimore Convention Center. This has to be the definition of numismatic bliss!

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