Yesterday, Dave Harper, Editor of Numismatic News, posted a note on his blog saying that he had not received his ballot for the ANA elections. At the bottom of his post, Harper notes that his ballot arrived with the morning mail. I was optimistic that my ballot would arrive on Monday. When I arrived home, I found my ballot along with the rest of the household mail.

Between now and July 19, I have to decide whom will receive the privilege of my vote. While I may not be anyone special, I do have a blog where I plan to talk about the ANA Board elections one or two more times before ballots have to be mailed.

In the package with the election materials is a survey asking for membership opinions about the proposed changes to the ANA Bylaws. With the opinion form is a copy of the new bylaws with a summary of changes on its cover. My first impression was not good. When I first opened the pamphlet, I noticed that the committee who worked on these updates did not have corporate or non-profit business experience. Also, reporting and oversight functions are missing, as required by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) that defines standards for corporate governance. Finally, too much is made of a name change of the top two offices from president and vice president to chairman and Vice Chairman.

I wish there was an option to see a marked up version of these bylaws. A marked up version could be created using standard word processing software to compare the two versions to create one version with change markings. I will ask the ANA Board of Governors for electronic copies to do this. Otherwise, I can try to use the optical character recognition (OCR) to “read” the documents and save them in a form the word processing software can read. If there is an interest, I will post the results.

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