The American Numismatic Association announced the results of the 2007 election. After two years of controversy, voting members of the ANA elected a new Board that consists of no incumbents or anyone tied with the previous Board. Aside from the unopposed president and vice president, this election returns Ed Rochette, a past president, to the Board. Along with Rochette, the new Board includes Cliff Mishler and Chet Krause whose problems with the outgoing Board have been well documented. Also returning to the Board is Walt Ostromecki, the member who was dismissed by the outgoing Board during the Krause/Mishler issues.

The new Board of Governors will be installed at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Milwaukee. The new Board is as follows:

President: Barry Stupler
Vice President: Patricia Jagger-Finner
Governors: Clifford Mishler
Chester Krause
Edward C. Rochette
Joseph E. Boling
Radford Sterns
Walter A. Ostromecki
Wendell A. Wolka

I may not have voted for every member who was elected for the Board of Governors, but they are a Governor on the Board of my ANA and I hope they do a good job. Congratulations to all who will serve.

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