In keeping with their campaign promises to resolve the issues with the operations of the American Numismatic Association, the newly installed Board of Governors voted to place Executive Director Chris Cipoletti on paid leave and to appoint a special audit committee to look at the ANA’s finances and determine whether a full audit is necessary.

Cipoletti has been a controversial figure with the new Board members, but was placed on leave to prepare for an employment case which he is a co-defendant with the ANA that will begin in September. Former ANA president Ken Hallenbeck will serve as acting executive director and will be assisted by Kim Kiick. Cipoletti will provide reports to the Board regarding these preparations before the beginning of the trial.

The new Board also appointed a new counselor to assist on legal matters.

It was reported that all of these votes were unanimous with the exception of the vote on Cipoletti. For that vote, Ed Rochette abstained. Rochette preceded Cipoletti as Executive Director and felt that the up coming trial could represent a conflict of interest.

Kudos to the new ANA Board of Governors for acting so quickly and decisively.

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