It was reported in the Peoria Journal Star that police were investigating the alleged use of counterfeit Presidential Dollars at a Peoria McDonald’s restaurant. The coins were very shiny and gold colored that included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. It raised a concern at the local bank when an employee noted that the Madison dollar was not yet released. Following an examination of the coins, police said that they were proofs from a US Mint proof set.

This was one of those shake-your-head stories. One would think that a banker would know the difference between a business and proof strike coins. Then I remembered the blank stares I was given when trying to buy rolls of Washington dollars the day they were issued. Also, why did someone break up a Presidential Dollar Proof Set and use them as four-dollars when they are worth four times that? We may never know the answer but I can think of better things to buy for $4 than a Big Mac!

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