Hi, I am a human being, and I made a mistake!

I am not talking about a tragic mistake. I am talking about not using the right credit card to buy proof sets from the US Mint.

With the release of the silver proof set and the Jefferson cover, I decided it was time to place an order before these items are sold out. I logged into my account on the Mint’s website and entered my order. The process proceeded as expected until I was at the final page asking how I wanted to pay for the order. Since the Mint had my credit card stored from my last purchased, I clicked the approval button with the comfort that my order would be processed.

Unfortunately, between my previous order and this new order I had accidentally left the card at a cash register and had that card canceled. I had forgotten that I used that card with the Mint. So the Mint tried to process the order using a canceled credit card.

Obviously, the credit card transaction was denied. In fact, the US Mint tried to charge that card twice only to be met with failure. The Mint suspended the order did nothing. The order stayed suspended for three weeks until I checked its status when I wonder why my coins had not been delivered.

Rather than send a letter to the address provided or send an email note to that address provided, the US Mint does nothing. Thankfully, the items I ordered were still available, but the Mint should allow me to fix the situation. In this case, I was able to provide the new account number to complete the order. But what would have happened if a product sold out during the wait time?

Unless the Mint verifies the account number during the transaction, they should notify the customer if the credit card authorization fails. Sure, it was my fault for fusing the account number associated with a lost card. But I should be given the opportunity to rectify the issue without the potential for losing the order.

Giving me the opportunity to fix my mistake is good customer service—something the Mint need to learn!

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