Although all that glitters may be gold, I like the look of silver. One of the most beautiful coin designs is the Walking Liberty motif by Adolph A. Weinman. From 1916 through 1947, this phenomenal design graced the US half-dollar before it was changed to honor Benjamin Franklin. When the American Eagle bullion program was started in 1986, the US Mint revived the Weinman design for the one dollar Silver Eagle and the Augustus Saint-Gaudens design for the Gold Eagles.

While the Saint-Gaudens design is wonderful, the Weinman Walking Liberty design is my favorite. So I have been collecting the Silver Eagles since their inception in 1986. When the Mint started to sell the collectible Silver Eagles with the satin finish, I decided to add these coins to my collection.

I purchased three satin Silver Eagle coins from the US Mint. One was removed from the holder and placed in an album. One was left in its package. The third was sent to NGC for grading. Last year, the coin I sent to NGC was returned graded MS-69. A nice coin but not quite perfect. But this year… that was a different story. I sent three coins to NGC and two of them came back graded MS-70 PERFECT!

PERFECTION! I have never owned a perfect coin until now. But this coin, and the one I sent to my father as a belated Father’s Day gift, were graded MS-70 PERFECT by NGC. Not only is it a beautiful coin, but it’s a PERFECTLY beautiful coin!

Stay tuned… there may be one more!

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