If you are looking for a real nice present, you may want to consider buying the 2007 10th Anniversary Platinum American Eagle set. The set consists of two half-ounce platinum proof coins. One is a regular style proof where the elements are frosted and the fields are mirrored. The other coin is what the US Mint is calling an “Enhanced Reverse Proof” because it is not an exact reverse proof—only parts of the elements are reversed to enhance the design. Both coins carry the “W” mint mark.

The Mint will produce no more than 30,000 sets and will restrict the sale of one coin per household for the first seven days of sale with a projected shipping date of December 31, 2007. The set sells for $1,949.95 for one ounce of platinum in a special box. Platinum closed at $1,475 (per ounce) on the New York spot market.

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