I received an email note from Whitman Publishing announcing new items including Lincoln Head Penny and Buffalo Nickel Tribute Edition Coin Boards. For those who do not know, coin boards preceded the ubiquitous blue folders for collecting coins. Whitman’s Tribute Boards are 11×16 boards using the same style as Whitman used in the 1930s. The Lincoln board set consists of two boards to hold 90 coins each covering the Wheat Cent era (1909-1958). The Buffalo Nickel board is a single board that holds 80 coins. It is a very interesting and fun revival of numismatic history.

To make this the ultimate numismatic gift, pair the boards with David Lange’s Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s & 1940s and now you have a great gift for the numismatist in your life! To buy the book, go to www.coincollectingboards.com and buy the book autographed directly from Dave Lange. Autographed book and coin boards… how cool is that!

Aside from the new A Guidebook of Lincoln Cents by Q. David Bowers (does he do anything else but write books?), Whitman is offering free shipping for orders placed before December 18, free items depending on how much you spend, and a free copy of Bowers’ Inside Story of the State Quarters for all orders.

Remember, Wednesday was the last day of Chanukah and it’s 11 days until Christmas. I hope this helped.

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