While looking for something else, I came across a link to a job offering for a Designer (Banknote) Apprentice at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The job is a true apprenticeship calling for a seven year commitment to work with BEP in various aspects of the money printing process. On the job training and formal classroom training will be paid by the BEP during the apprenticeship.

The job is located at the BEP facilities in Washington, DC. You must be a US citizen and be able to pass a security clearance. It is a government position with all of the perquisite of being a government employee. If you have any questions as to the benefits government employees receive, which are excellent, see the information from the Office of Personnel Management.

If anyone has any artistic ability and is looking for a way to have their work impact billions of people around the world each day, you should apply for this job. Any reader who applies for this job is welcome to be interviewed after acceptance. Good luck!

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