The US Mint announced that Andrew D. Burnhart has been selected as the new Deputy Director of the Mint to begin on Friday, May 23—just in time to be paid for the Memorial Day holiday.

“Andy has more than 20 years of experience in senior executive positions,” said Mint Director Edmund Moy. “His expertise in organizational change will help the United States Mint achieve its strategic goals and become a more results-oriented organization.”

Burnhart had previously was General Manager for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) with is responsible for water and sewer services to Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, the Maryland counties surrounding Washington, DC. Aside from the accolades published in the press release, the Burnhart-lead WSSC raised water and sewer rates by more than 8-percent this year for an infrastructure plan that has been in discussions for the last few years.

When the rate increased was proposed, the Burnhart-lead WSSC refused to provide access to budget data to the Montgomery County Inspector General, one of the government owners of WSSC. Montgomery County has paid $2.3 billion to WSSC over the last three years.

Officials of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties have criticized the management of WSSC for not providing the requested information alleging a cover-up over spending practices. They have also questioned the timing for implementing the infrastructure plan in the light of economic reality.

Burnhart announced his intent to leave WSSC at shortly after Montgomery County’s Inspector General query and right before the rate increase was announced.

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