I like hunting for coins in change. But it has been since early June since my last find. Maybe instead of looking in my pocket, I should look at the ground. I was pointed to a story about two different people who hunt for change on the ground. They never pass any coin lying by itself waiting to be picked up.

One profile was the Humphrey family from Staten Island, New York who catalogs their finds on their blog, The Changepot. They post little snippets about their finds including what they were doing at the time. As I write this, the blog reports that they have found $383.65 in 2008 and $1,039.89 since 2005.

Scott Caulfield hunts for lost change in St. Louis, Missouri. According to his blog, Thoughts from the Change Race, Scott started as a race against a friend. At this time, he writes about his finds which now totals $275.55.

Sally Herships, who reports on the story, wrote about her “research” into the story on SoHoSally’s Blog. In 18 days Sally found 27-cents. I am surprised she did not find more in SoHo, a great neighborhood in New York City.

Caulfield, the Humphrey family, and the good people at Common Cents shows that “it’s just a penny” is worth being picked up. I may have to start looking down as I go through my day!

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