It is not new that the various dollar coins have not been circulating as the US Mint and congress would like. It is also not new that congress refuses to eliminate the one-dollar note even though there are more incentives to eliminate the paper note. What is new is the new attempt at marketing ploy to try to convince people to use the one dollar coins.

According to Golin Harris, Campbell-Ewald, and Momentum Worldwide, the partnership that will market the dollar coin for the Mint, the campaign will highlight the “green” aspect of the dollar coin. No, not green the color, but green as in recyclable and environmental friendly.

According to Ellen Ryan Mardiks, GolinHarris chief client officer:

With the $1 Presidential Coin, every man, woman and child will make a personal statement about the money they spend. The coin is 100 percent recyclable and lasts for decades, offering consumers—and Mother Earth—tangible benefits that are especially relevant today. In addition, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that increased usage of the coin can save our country as much as $5 billion over the next ten years. The time is right for consumers to embrace the $1 coin, and we intend to show them these benefits through a creative and dynamic integrated marketing campaign.

For some reason when I read this, I thought about the movie Thank You for Smoking. What do you think?

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