It appears that the lame duck session of congress will do what it can to clean up some unfinished business. As part of this spirit, the Senate picked up H.R. 5714, United States Army Commemorative Coin Act of 2008, from the hopper as sent from the House and passed it by unanimous consent.

The bill calls $5 gold coins with a limit of 100,000 minted, 500,000 $1 silver coins, and 750,000 clad half-dollars commemoratives in 2011 to recognize the founding of the United States Army in 1775. “The design of the coins minted under this Act shall be emblematic of the traditions, history, and heritage of the United States Army, and its role in American society from the Colonial period to today.”

Once the bill is engrossed it will be sent to the president for his expected signature.

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