Apparently, I an not the only one who would like to see the president veto the recently passed H.R. 6184, America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008. Eric Lurio, blogger at The Huffington Post, also thinks this is a bad idea.

Lurio, who admits to purchasing annual sets, compares the excessive coin issues to the excessive stamp issues that helped kill philatelics. “The thing that destroyed philately was too much product,” writes Lurio. “Back in the day you’d have at most ten to fifteen commemoratives and some “regular” issues with weird denominations. That was cheap. It was fun. Not any more it’s not. There are fifty commemoratives, all expensive.”

Readers have sent quite a few private messages admitting to what I called “collector fatique.” Someone also suggested that congress has “Jumped the Shark” with this measure.

Today is the tenth day (not including Sundays) since the bill has been received by the president. Although the Senate will convene for a pro forma session—a session just to say congress was in session—the president could still not sign the bill today. With no session scheduled for tomorrow, it is possible that the result will be a pocket veto.

“Coins are a medium of exchange, not advertising. Sure the designs should be pleasing, if not beautiful, but don’t do tourist traps,” concludes Lurio, “It’s just not right.”

I cannot imagine what Teddy Roosevelt would say about this!

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