I went to the US Mint’s online catalog to see when the Puerto Rico quarters and District of Columbia Quarter first day covers would be released. While scanning down the list of Scheduled Product releases I noticed that the Mint will be releasing a roll set for the Lincoln Cent Birthplace coins. These rolls are scheduled to be released on March 13.

Also in the list are roll sets for the Formative Years, Life in Illinois, and Presidency coins.

With the backlog of cents in the Federal Reserve System preventing these coins from circulating, this is a good idea. It will allow collectors easier access to the coins.

But what of the costs? Rolls of other coins wrapped in US Mint paper are sold with a premium. Rolls of dollar coins in the Mint wrapper with a $25 face value are sold for $35.95. Kennedy Half dollar and State Quarter rolls contain $20 worth of coins (2 rolls) sells for $32.95. How much of a premium will the Mint add to rolls worth 50-cents each?

Would it be possible that the Mint will also sell these coin as part of their Direct Ship program? Under the direct shipment program, the Mint sells 10 rolls of Presidential Dollar coins at face value ($250) in commercially wrapped paper with free shipping. It may not be cost effective for the Mint to do with with $5 worth of Lincoln Cents, but it is an option for them to think about even if they do charge for the shipping.

I may order these rolls, depending on the pricing. It may be easier than waiting for the banks to get these coins.

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