At the end of the day, I empty the change from my pockets and put it on top of my dresser. Every Saturday, I search through that change to see if there was anything interesting. This week there seem to be quite a few fun finds:

• Bicentennial Quarter
• 1946 Jefferson Nickel
• 1945 & 1952 Lincoln Wheat Back Cents
• 1978 Canadian Quarter
• 1979 Canadian Cent

While none of the coins are worth much, it is still fun to find different coins in pocket change. They will go into my found coins bank with the others that I have found.

Looking back, I never showed off my found coins bank. It was from a gift by my wife (then girl friend). The bank is a solid oak box with the door of an old post office box on the front. The box was made by R.P. & Company who purchased the doors from the Postal Service, refurbished them, and made them into banks. My bank is their Flying Eagle brass model, circa 1906. The bank has a few wheat cents, older nickels, Bicentennial quarters, a few foreign coins, and a $2 bill I received in change a few years ago.

I wonder if anyone else even keeps their found coins or has a “found coins bank.” Let me know.

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