I had taken some time off from the blog world to get some other work done. Maybe one day I will figure out how to make this a full time job, but until then we will have to endure a written silence. Since I am back after two weeks, here are some random thoughts:

My ballot for the American Numismatic Association 2009-11 Board of Governors elections. Compared to the last few elections, this one is very quiet. The significant race is the one for president that features Patti Finner, the current ANA Vice President, and Cliff Mishler, a current board member and former president of Krause Publications. Both are ANA Life Members with a distinguished career with the ANA. Both have their fans and critics. I have not yet decided who to endorse.

In the mean time, the ANA is still in court fighting former Executive Director Christopher Chipoletti. Now the ANA is alleging that Chipoletti stole money from the organization. If true, Chipoletti’s career is over.

From the perspective of the Federal Reserve, the economy must be wreaking havoc with their distribution operations. In the Washington, DC area, I have not seen any 2009 coins in circulation. Up until recently it was common to find 2008 dated coins in change. Now, I am finding 2008-D coins amongst the coins.

Considering our proximity to Philadelphia, receiving uncirculated, removed from the rolls Denver minted coins in quantity is unusual. In the last week, I almost filled a plastic tube of 2008-D cents! This phenomenon cannot be tied to a “Coinstar effect.” These are new coins that had to be distributed by the Federal Reserve.

The Whitman Baltimore Coin and Currency Show will be held June 11-14 at the Baltimore Convention Center. This show will include the first Maryland State Numismatic Association Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Q. David Bowers. Bowers, who recently publishedWhitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins, will be talking about Colonial and Early American Coins. The talk is being held on Saturday, June 13 at the Convention Center. Times and locations will be posted on site.

MSNA is also sponsoring competitive exhibits at the Baltimore Show. A few people, including your intrepid blog host, will be exhibiting at the show. This will be my first ever exhibit. It will be interesting!

The US Mint announced their Last Opportunity Sale to sell off all 2008 dated items. You have until June 30 to buy these items.

Other than the ANA election, the most interesting story that will be coming this summer is the pending trial for the twenty 1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagles found by the relatives of the late Israel Switt. This could be the biggest numismatic soap opera since trial and subsequent sale of the Farouk-Fenton specimen.

I have a few book reviews coming. Stay tuned!

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