I am not attending the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money® this week. I would like to attend, but the show is in Los Angeles, which is about 2,690 miles from the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Although this is closer than the 2,800 miles I would have had to travel to Portland, Oregon for this year’s National Money Show,™ both were too far to travel—especially in this economic climate.

I know the ANA had to make it up to Portland for moving the 2007 National Money Show to Charlotte. However, by doing this, the ANA has prevented a few people from attending at least one show this year.

Although I would not mind both shows being East Coast affairs, I can understand the need for a national organization to hold its conventions to make it accessible to both coasts, but to hold both on the West Coast reduces accessibility for those of us in the east.

Next year, the National Money Show will be in Fort Worth, Texas and the World’s Fair of Money will be held in Boston. Fort Worth, home of a branch of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, will be more accessible from the West Coast than Boston. Although not perfect, it is better than if both shows would be on the East Coast.

I hope that in the future the ANA will make every attempt to diversify the location of their shows so that everyone can be included.

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