One of the more interesting aspects of writing this blog is to be able to look into various aspects of numismatics and being able to explain what I discover to my readers. Sometimes, this research allows me to use what I write as a teachable moment to others. While I certainly subscribe to Aaron R. Feldman’s recommendation to “buy the book before you buy the coin,” but sometimes it may pay to read the blog.

Not long ago, I read an article printed in Numismatic News that had the valid point that the US Mint needs new and innovative direction. However, the writer placed the blame on the Mint itself without considering the law that govern everything the Mint does.

Long time readers may have remembered my post Sausage Making And Coin Production that described the process of how a coin or medal goes from being an idea to becoming a coin in detail. It is a sausage making process that would even scare Otto von Bismarck!

I felt that the writer of the opinion piece did not take into consideration that nearly everything the US Mint does is prescribed by law, as i described in my posting. So I took that posting, reworked it a bit to be more suitable for printed media, and sent it to Dave Harper, editor of Numismatic News. I learned from a colleague that the article has appeared on their website.

Long time readers will recognize the topic. Newer readers can use it to catch up. In either case, we might want to alter Feldman’s advice to “read the blog before buying the coin or writing the editor.

Thank you to all of my readers for being my inspiration.

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