For a light hearted start to the weekend, how about a little “Dollar Art?” An artist who identifies himself as has taken high resolution photos of one dollar US Federal Reserve Note from different angles and perspectives. Artists call this series a study of the object.

As part of the study, the artist compares elements between the reverse of a 2007 or 2009 Presidential Dollar on top of the note to compare elements. In one photo, the national motto is compared to the the national motto on the note. It is a very interesting picture.

On a different page, the artist presents Pennies on the Dollar. In the context, the page contains high resolution images of pennies on top of dollar bills. As a numismatist, the last image is the most interesting. It shows a 1966 cent next to a 2009-D cent. The first thing I notices is a difference in the rim. Then if you compare the portrait, there is a significant difference in the relief and its size. It might be interesting to do a study of the Lincoln Memorial Cent to watch the changes as the US Mint adjusts their dies.

Just for fun, here is the artist’s conception of a colorized Eye of Providence with dramatic music in the background:

Have a good weekend.

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