The US Mint announced on Friday that they are accepting applications for the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee to represent the interests of the general public. Application deadline is March 31, 2010.

Looking over the list of CCAC members it appears that the term of Dr. Mitchell Sanders is expiring in 2010. Dr. Sanders has been the Chairman of the CCAC from 2005 through 2009.

According to the US Mint:

The CCAC was created to advise the Secretary of the Treasury on the selection of themes and design proposals for circulating coinage, commemorative coins, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals and other medals. The CCAC also advises the Secretary with regard to the events, persons, or places to be commemorated by the issuance of commemorative coins, as well as the mintage levels and proposed designs of commemorative coins.

Sometimes, it does not seem that the CCAC is maintaining this advisory role or they are not communicating it properly. Recently, I have been critical of the CCAC and even had a publicdiscussion” with a member of the CCAC that highlighted the problems with communications.

What would happen if the CCAC had a different point of view? What would happen if the CCAC had a citizen member who was interested in bringing the voice of the general public into the committee who would also be interested in ensuring that the working of the CCAC would be published in full to the general public? Could it be possible that the CCAC be seen as more of a representative of the general public?

I would like to see the CCAC take the next step and make the CCAC’s proceedings more open to the citizens. I would also like to see that whatever comes in front of the CCAC is available to the general public to read, analyze, and comment on either through the media or on their own. I would like to see the CCAC general public representative be more of a representative to the input of the general public being represented.

That being said, what if your intrepid were to apply for this opening?

The problem is that in this town, politics is the rule and not the exception. I am sure that my criticism on this blog and other venues will work against me even though I had called for the expansion of the CCAC’s role in how it relates to the US Mint. Another issue is that I work for the same company as a current member of the CCAC. Although my company does not do business with the US Mint, there is no telling how this situation would be viewed by those making the decision.

However, I have demonstrated significant and thoughtful of opinions on the US Mint and CCAC that includes suggestion for improvement. It would be great if I could work with the CCAC to try to improve what they do for the US Mint and make suggestions that would benefit the Mint’s coinage programs. I know I would be in the forefront to expand their communications capabilities to get the public more involved and better support the collecting community.

So what do you think? Should I apply? Leave a comment here and I will consider your suggestions.

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