While the U.S. Mint fights trademark issues over the name of their program, Director and professional politician Ed Moy travelled to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming today to launch the Yellowstone National Park Quarter. Moy was joined by Suzanne Lewis, Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park was established by an act of congress on March 1, 1872. Its 2.2 million acres is home to grizzly bears, elk, wolves, and bison. Along with the Old Faithful Geyser are a collection of an extraordinary group of geysers that do not receive the same press as Old Faithful.

The reverse of the coin features Old Faithful Geyser and a bison, both excellent representatives of the nation’s second National Park.

Here is the B-roll video from the U.S. Mint and the launch ceremony:

Quarter image Courtesy of the U.S. Mint

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