The U.S. Mint has joined the 21st century and is now on Facebook and Twitter. Judging by the dates of their first messages, they have been using these messaging services since the end of July. Both accounts appear to be used by their public information service to announce various programs and other news of the U.S. Mint.

While comparing the two sites, it appears that the same messages are being posted on both services.

Another change that appears on both services is a new logo. Rather than using the logo that was based on the U.S. Mint seal with a red, white, and blue banner flying to the right (see image to the left), the new logo (right) uses a medal-like device with a flag impression that also has edge lettering that say “US Mint” placed over capital letters reading, “United States Mint” in a serif font. The new logo has appeared in email and on their “microsite” for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. However, no change has been made to their main website and the online catalog replace the old banner logo with a black-and-white seal.

While the microsite is nicely designed, appealing, and informative, the rest of the U.S. Mint online infrastructure is in dire need of a refresh. It would be nice if they could extend the design used for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. But it seems the U.S. Mint progresses in baby steps and this may be a small preview of what is to come—sometime in 2012 I figure.

In the mean time, if the U.S. Mint make their Twitter page (see @usmint) and Facebook wall a resource for all collectors, it will be a welcome change from how they have treated the collecting public.

U.S. Mint logo images courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

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