Last week, the U.S. Mint announced that they are accepting applications for a new member to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. They are looking for someone who is specifically qualified in numismatics.

Although I have been a critic of the CCAC, it is because I see their input into the design process as essential. It is my attempt to provide another perspective to be considered when making the decisions. Each member brings their own unique experience to the process. However, sometimes when you are in the proverbial bubble of the action for multiple years, there is a tendency to adapt to the environment without considering how to adapt and change. At work, we call this “going native.”

I urge members of the numismatic community who may qualify “by virtue of education, training or experience” and would like to see the CCAC have a real positive impact on coinage design to apply for the position. I hope you can work with the committee but provide a strong perspective to promote good designs. If you are willing to find ways of opening up the CCAC to make it more accessible to the public including pushing the U.S. Mint to make materials more available to the public, then you will get my support.

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