With the VCU versus Butler Final Four game (Go Rams!) at halftime, I was poking around YouTube watching a video friend sent then clicking around to the related videos. I stumbled across two videos a group called WalletPop, a personal finance site, created about coin making at the U.S. Mint.

The first video opens with looking at the plaster models of coin designs on display at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. This is followed by an interview with Joseph Menna showing how coins are designed using using the same 3D modeling software that is used in Hollywood to create special effects. The design process concentrates on the America the Beautiful Quarters.

Part 1

In the second video, the tour continues to the manufacturing floor where they show how the manufacturing process goes from the 2-ton roll of metal, creating blanks, making of the dies from the master die, and striking over 750 coins per minute to the finished product.

Part 2

No matter how many videos I find about the manufacturing of coins at the U.S. Mint, I am always fascinated by the process.

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