This week I received the “Gift Preview 2011” catalog from Hammacher Schlemmer. Within its pages was a note that said that during the Civil War, Hammacher Schlemmer was allowed to strike their own coins because of a shortage of circulating coinage. Their “Rebellion Tokens” was made from copper.

If you are not familiar with Hammacher Schlemmer, the company started in 1848 as a hardware store. As time went on, the company expanded into high-end merchandise that was high quality and highly innovative. For the last three decades, Hammacher Schlemmer has supported innovative inventors through its Hammacher Schlemmer Institute testing and reviewing new products to sell to their clientele. The claim that they are America’s longest running catalog with over 168 years without interruption.

Not only does the catalog have interesting items, but interesting facts about Hammacher Schlemmer.

Image taken from the Hammacher Schlemmer “Gift Preview 2011” catalog.

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