During the National Money Show in Denver two weeks ago, the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors voted to eliminate the Fall edition of the National Money Show following this fall’s show in Dallas.

The fall show, pursued by former ANA Executive Director Larry Shepherd and accepted by the previously Board of Directors. Unfortunately, it has proven to be too much of an expense for the ANA especially since the Denver show did not have a featured auction, which helps produce revenues for the ANA.

In previous press releases from the ANA, President Tom Hallenbeck has reiterated that the mission of the ANA is education. Do these shows promote their education agenda? One can argue it does because the ANA offers classes and sponsors Numismatic Theater which allows for shorter presentation of various aspects of collecting. But the Board has concluded that the costs of sponsoring the shows does not justify holding them.

There have been other articles saying that the ANA could also end the Spring National Money Show after the 2013 show in New Orleans. This would leave the World’s Fair of Money that is held every summer and for the five years starting in 2013 will be held in Chicago.

Eliminating the National Money Show and limiting the World’s Fair of Money to one city significantly reduces access to the ANA’s education services. Although the ANA does take some courses on the road to regional shows, the only way to be involved with a the broad spectrum of ANA education services is being limited to a show in Chicago and the Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs.

In previous posts, I have come out against holding the ANA premiere show in one location. While I love Chicago and have friends in the Chicagoland area, being able to move the show to different venues allows the ANA to reach more people and include it educational agenda in more places. I would rather see the ANA unbridle itself from Chicago than end the Spring edition of the National Money Show.

If the ANA Board of Governors wants to purse an educational agenda, which is a good idea, then they need to reach out beyond Chicago, Colorado Spring, and the courses held at the F.U.N. show in January.

One idea is for the ANA to work with regional clubs to bring ANA courses to shows in various areas. Even when the show is owned by a commercial entity, clubs can work with those promoters to add value to the show by offering ANA sponsored courses. The ANA can help provide materials, instructors, and training for new instructors to provide a greater educational reach.

Another idea is for the ANA to help by developing a speakers’ bureau to bring special speakers to regional shows. The ANA would help with travel expenses for those who cannot provide long distance travel to bring various numismatic topics to areas of the country that would not be able to hear these speakers.

In fact, the speakers’ bureau would help support coin club speakers. Collector willing to share their stories and industry professionals who want to share their knowledge can register with the speakers’ bureau and make themselves available to local coin clubs in support of their educational programs.

By the way, if anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region is looking for a speaker, I have two presentations ready: one on Maryland Colonial Currency and another on the history of anti-counterfeiting technologies used on currency.

In the mean time, if you have information that you can share with a local club or a regional show, reach out to them and offer yourself to help in their educational programs. It can go along way to help the hobby.

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