Over the last few weeks I have taken advantage of a period of convalescence to work on a few things. I did not want this time going to waste.

First, I am writing a book about collecting. I am taking some of the stories that have been posted on the blog, rewriting them to fit in the context of a book, and adding new content. Some of that content has appeared as posts over the last few weeks. Buyers of the book will have content not published on the blog and a ready reference for their collecting need. The current working title is Collecting Numismatics: A Guide To Enjoying Your Collection.

A feature that will set this book apart from others is that it will be available in e-book format only! It will be available to purchase from the major e-book retailers. The price has not yet been determined, but it will be affordable.

Another project has been to set up an account on Pinterest. Pinterest is the newest entry on the social media scene that is based on sharing images. Think of it as Twitter but with pictures. Users create boards and pin pictures to their boards, whether the pins are from other websites or uploaded. The images of the 350 New Israeli Sheqalim I posted on Sunday May 13 were uploaded and pinned to a virtual bulletin board on Pinterest.

There are not a lot of coin people on Pinterest, yet. The ANA Pinterest account was used during the National Money Show in Denver to pin photos from the show. I will use it in June for the Whitman Baltimore Expo. Hopefully, we can interest more coin people to join and share their pictures.

For the big news, the Coin Collectors Blog will be moving! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a tweet about the “SNEAK PEEK” of the new blog. You can see the new blog at coinsblog.ws. I thought that after 5½ years and over 850 posts, it was time to try something new.

I am planning on a June 1, 2012 move.

If you are subscribed to the RSS Feed from Feedburner at http://feeds.feedburner.com/CoinCollectorsBlog or subscribed for email updates from Feedburner, then you will continue to be notified when new articles are posted. If you are not using the Feedburner feeds, you might want to change now so you do not miss anything.

Please do not submit comments on the new blog because they will be deleted! In order for me to ensure that everything is properly transferred, I will be wiping out the entire database and reloading all of the posts saved from the current blog on May 31 to start fresh.

Once the blog is transferred, I have some ideas I want to try. Stay tuned!

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