Online auction site eBay sent out a notice today to sellers of coins to remind us that their new listing policies for coins go into effect on May 31. They also announced that ANACS and ICG has met their new standards allowing coins to be sold as graded.

Coins from other services must be listed as raw including those old PCI slabs with J.T. Stanton’s autograph, which some believe are collectible in themselves.

In eBay’s last note to sellers, they wrote, “We’ve heard from both buyers and sellers that they’d like to see more coins on eBay graded by companies who meet high standards. These new requirements are an important step toward meeting these marketplace demands.”

I am still waiting to asked by eBay what I think as both a buyer and seller.

It is good to see that ANACS and ICG were able to work with eBay to be included in their new policy. Unfortunately, the policy still places restrictions on a competitive market for legitimate collectibles.

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