This week, the U.S. Mint branch in San Francisco opened its doors for the press in honor of the facility’s 75th Anniversary. Reporters were given a tour of the production lines and spoke with employees of the U.S. Mint about upcoming collectibles.

Here is the story that appeared on KTVU, Channel 2 in San Francisco (commercial embedded by KTVU):

The U.S. Mint has clearly increased production to meet a potential demand for the American Silver Eagle Proof set with both regular proof and reverse proof coins for the upcoming sale. In the video we see a lot of silver planchettes and a few racks of beautiful silver coins. A pair are shown to the camera including the reverse of the reverse proof.

We also learned that the San Francisco Mint is striking circulation quality (business strikes) National Parks Quarters that will be distributed in special collectibles. These coins will not be added into circulation.

San Francisco Mint Plant Manager Larry Eckerman made an unfortunate mistake when he said that there has not been any S mintmark coins in circulation since the early 1950s. Collectors of Lincoln Cents can tell you that S mintmark cents were issued starting in 1968 through 1974.

The 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set goes on sale starting June 7, 2012. Coins will be minted to demand based on sales through the end date of July 5, 2012. Price will be determined prior to sale and based on the cost of silver. Here’s to hoping that silver prices drop between now and June 7!

Video courtesy of KTVU San Francisco.

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