Friday at the World’s Fair of Money was my shopping day. I spent a lot of time walking the bourse floor looking at the various tables thinking about my current goals.

I am working on a special set of currency that will be used for a future exhibit, so I made a beeline to a few currency dealers. I met Steve from Florida. He was formerly from northern New Jersey but moved to Florida a few years ago to get away from the rat race. I had a great time going through the currency at his table. When I explained what I was looking for, Steve was great in showing me items that would fit my theme.

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All the dealers I visited were wonderful. I was even able to take a close look at a note I want but cannot afford. I love the $10 Buffalo note that was issued in 1901 (sorry, I forgot the Pick or FR number). The dealer I spoke with said that he would show it to me but I would have to give him the chance to sell me one when I was ready to buy. It was a deal I could not pass.

Now that I had some currency and some coins, I went on a trading binge. I was able to make some trades to upgrade some of the notes and pick up new ones. At one point I found a Morgan Dollar that I recognized was a significant variety in a slab that was unattributed. Even though I am far from being an expert in Morgan Dollar VAMs, I remember reading something about it during my travels. After a quick trip to the NGC table to verify what was in their unattributed slab, I found a dealer interested in VAMs and sold the coin at a nice profit.

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So with that money, I was off to the Royal Canadian Mint booth to buy their Philadelphia souvenir set, a gift for my wife, and to other booths where negotiating is difficult to non-existent.

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In the middle of the day, the good people at Krause Publications cut a cake celebrating their 60th Anniversary. Doing the honors was former Editor and Publish Cliff Mishler and the current Editor-in-Chief of Numismatic News Dave Harper. While I opted out of a piece of cake, I was given a special KP 60th Anniversary token and an S-Mint quarter as their special giveaway. 

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I did miss the announcement while shmoozing around the floor that United States Treasurer Rosie Rios was in the area between the U.S. Mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing booths autographing currency. Rather than keeping her head down and autographing currency, Treasurer Rios was smiling and engaging to the people getting autographs. It looked like she was genuinely enjoying meeting the people and signing their currency. I have read interviews with Treasurer Rios who said that she is humbled by the attention and enjoys meeting the people. Too bad I didn’t think about it earlier to get on line.

On Friday, I was told I forgot about the revival of the Society of Bearded (S.O.B.) Numismatists that was held on Thursday—and I would qualify as a member! I have to figure out how to join this group!

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In the evening I attended the American Numismatic Association Banquet. I sat next to a very nice family and a couple from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in town to volunteer at the show. I was also at the table with the YN Exhibit Award Winner Morgan Fatora. To say Morgan was happy would be an understatement.

Saturday is the last day. I am only staying part of the day before heading home. Continue to follow me on Twitter and the pictures on Pinterest for the short time I will be at the show.

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