Did you get it? Did you figure it out? If you read yesterday’s post you would have discovered:

  • H.R. 1776 has not been introduced in the 114th congress and there is no such bill as the U.S. Mint Restoration Act. But it sounded good!
  • Even if the House of Representatives passed such a bill, it would still have to be voted on by the Senate and signed by the president.
  • As for some of the actors in this play, House Financial Committee Chairman is Jeb Hensarling, not “Jim Hensling.” I don’t think they are related.
  • anking member of the House Financial Committee is Maxine Waters, not Max Waterston. Max is not related to Sam
  • Janet Yellen is a home girl (Brooklyn born, like your blog host) and Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. I’m sure Jan Yelling is a nice person, but she’s not running the Fed.
  • In an attempt not to use “Rhett Butler,” Rhett Jepson is the U.S. Mint’s Principal Deputy Director. I don’t know who Jett Butler is—but he sounds like he should be a kicker or something.
  • Rosie Rios is a very nice person and is the Treasurer of the United States. Rosalind Rio could be her evil twin, but that is not confirmed.
  • Finally, Jake Lou sounds like a good-ol’ boy, but he is not the Secretary of the Treasury. Jacob “Jack” Lew is the man in that job probably way too busy for this stuff.

In short:


Like the Orson Well’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds, all you had to do is change the channel (or check another source).

That was fun!

Now back to our regular numismatic content.

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