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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter V.
Synonym for the Liberty Head five-cent coins struck from 1883-1912.

VAM number
Unique number assigned to each die combination of Morgan and Peace dollars. See also Van Allen-Mallis.

Van Allen-Mallis
Unique number assigned to each die variety combination of Morgan and Peace dollars known to the authors of The Complete Catalog and Encyclopedia of United States Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. Numbers assigned are called VAM numbers, an abbreviation of the authors Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis.

A coin of the same date and basic design as another but with slight differences such as variations in date, mintmark size and placement.

Initials of Victor David Brenner the designer of the Lincoln Cent. Used to describe the 1909 cents where Brenner’s initials appear at the bottom of the reverse before they were removed. Brenner’s initial were added back to the 1918 cent at the truncation of the bust under Lincoln’s shoulder.

Transportation tokens

A person who collects transportation tokens

A green or bluish-green substance stuck to a coin as a result of the metal reacting to a non-archival element like polyvinyl chloride. Coins with verdigris are usually considered damaged.

vest pocket dealer
A small volume dealer who doesn’t set up at shows nor has a coin shop.

A pictorial element of a banknote or stock certificate that shades off gradually into the surrounding unprinted paper or background rather than having sharp outlines or a frame.

An alloy similar to German Silver but consists of 81% Copper, 10% Zinc and 9% Nickel that was developed by the Pobjoy Mint. Since Virenium has a lower percentage of white metals than German Silver, coins struck using the allow have a light gold color. See also German Silver.

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