While searching through my change to feed the soft drink machine, I was picking through my quarters and found something that looked quite a bit different. The obverse had the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thinking that it was a Canadian coin, I returned it to my pocket and selected a quarter to quench my thirst.

When I returned to my desk I decided to examine the coin further to find only the words “Ten Pence&rdquo” on the reverse. Since it did not have Canada or the name of any other Commonwealth Realm, it had to be British coinage. A quick search revealed that it is a 1992 10 Pence coin. The 1992 10p coin is a resized, smaller version of the decimalization coins.

Aside from being the second interesting find in as many days, someone still owes me 7½ cents since the coin is worth 17½ cents at the current exchange rates!

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