Building on the success of last year’s program, the US Mint announced that the uncirculated 2007-W American Eagle Gold coins will go on sale April 27, 2007. These uncirculated coins minted in West Point for collectors will be struck on specially burnished planchets to give them a satin-like finish. Each coin will be encapsulated in a plastic capsule and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the US Mint.

These coins can be ordered from the Mint via the phone (800-USA-MINT) or from their online catalog in one-ounce ($749.95), half-ounce ($379.95), quarter-ounce ($195.95), and tenth-ounce ($89.95) varieties. Also available is the American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Four-Coin Set for $1,379.95. The prices represent more than a 4-percent increase over last year to account for the rising cost of gold. The Mint charges $4.95 for standard shipping.

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