Did you ever walk into your house or apartment and decide you needed a change? Rather than buying new furniture, you decide to buy a new rug, maybe a new picture, and rearrange the furniture. It gives the place a fresh look. Something new to come home to.

That is how I felt about the layout of this blog. I liked it, but it needed refreshing. While poking around the blogoshpere, one of my regular reads changed their look. They used this site named PsycHo to generate a new template. After trying PsycHo for a while, I decided to try creating a template that I liked.

PsycHo did not do exactly what I wanted, but it gave me the basis of a good three-column design. I downloaded the XHTML code and added my own customizations. Ok… I hacked the template, but I was able to do what I wanted. I added a new background to give the page a cleaner look. I like it!

I hope you like it, too. If you have any comments on the new layout, leave them here. I would love to know what you think.

NOTE: Comments are moderated to prevent what is called “comment spamming.” Comment spamming is when someone starts their statement with what looks like a legitimate statement but it digresses into an ad. As long as you do not post comment spam I will allow your comment to post… especially those who do not agree with me.

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