NBC Nightly News treated its viewers to a story about the Penny Harvest Field, a 165-foot long and 30-foot wide “box” filled with over 100 million pennies. The Field was installed in the plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City, opposite of the GE Building, the home of NBC, near the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and ice skating rink.

The Penny Harvest Field is a project of Common Cents, a New York City non-profit educational organization whose mission is to create and manage service-learning programs. The Penny Harvest Field us a year-long project that involved a reported half-million children from 770 New York City schools to teach the value of money and its power to do good regardless the size of the donation. It is a phenomenal effort to raise over $1 million for charitable organizations in New York.

People are encouraged to visit the Penny Harvest Field, add their own pennies, and run your hands through the coins. If you live in New York or plan to visit my hometown, bring your family, your children, and anyone else who wants to see how so little can add up to so much!

Flash video from The Penny Harvest at CommonCents.org.

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