In the movie 300, Leonidas lead 300 of the best Spartan soldiers to prevail over the more powerful Persian army. In sports, 300 is a perfect bowling score where the bowler has thrown twelve straight strikes. The Chrysler 300 is a car model and the face value of the Rocky Mountain Panoramic Photography Commemorative coin is 300 Canadian dollars.

You may ask, “what is this obsession with the number 300?”

This posting marks my 300th posting to the Coin Collector’s Blog.

Three hundred times, I have written, mused, and ranted something about coins. Weather it be about my own collecting pursuits, news, opinions, or an occasional review, I have used this forum to entertain and inform. I thank everyone for reading.

So that this post is not totally self-ingratiating, I do want to go back to an earlier post and provide an update. On December 3, 2006, I wrote about a new acquisition that was not exactly numismatic-related. His name is Boomer, our cute little puggle. At time we brought him home, he was a nine week old bundle. Today, Boomer is 45 pounds of adolescence with the appetite of a Pug and the nose of a Beagle. He is a fun dog with a playful personality who continues to give us joy each day.

To end this posting with something numismatic, I found an image of a collectible I never posted here. It is a 63 millimeter bronze medal honoring the sesquicentennial (150 years) of the Long Island Railroad. For anyone who has spent any time on Long Island, the LIRR is an important part of the life and culture. Its lines concentrate in Jamaica, Queens where Long Islanders would be dispatched into areas of New York City to the west and home to Long Island toward the east. I purchased this medal a year ago for a nice price since there is a rim ding on the reverse between the “N” and “G” in the word “Long.” Since this minor imperfection does not detract from the medal’s beauty, it was a perfect addition to my New York collection!

Happy collecting!

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