Over the last few months I have watched as the statistics for this blog has shown between 45-50 consistent readers. To all the regulars, new readers, and those who drop in for an occasional peek I would like to THANK YOU for reading and your feedback. I hope you are enjoying reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

In my spare time, when I am not blogging, working with my collection, being with my wife, playing with our dog, or running errands, I earn my living in the computer business. It is a profession that I have be a part of for nearly 30 years. I started as a programmer but later moved to systems analysis and information security. Today, I have to keep up with the latest technologies, fads, and online looniness so I know how to help our clients keep their systems secure. Sometimes this makes me reluctant to using new technologies until I can study them and understand any potential risks.

Sometimes, the looniness can be fun and provide a great benefit. That is why I signed up for Twitter and added the posts to this blog (see the left column). Twitter is an online short message service (sometimes called text messaging) based on the web that allows people to send a short message (140 characters) to anyone logged into the service. Twitter can also be viewed on a cell phone or your instant messenger client (like AIM).

For this blog, I will use Twitter when I want to add a little information but do not have time to write a complete blog entry. If you sign up for Twitter, you can “follow” my postings and reply. Replies will appear on Twitter but not on this page. Twitter also has RSS capabilities—look at the bottom left corner of the page;

To find the blog on Twitter, just search for the user CoinsBlog (or click the link). I set it up so that there is an open subscription so anyone can read my posts, request to be a Follower, and reply. Please remember that Twitter is a public system, so be careful what you post.

Thank you and now back to collecting!

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