Monday, August 25, 2008, had a lot of news for the political watchers. After Sen. Ted Kennedy appeared at the Democratic National Convention, Arizona Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain appeared on the Tonight Show. Even First Lady wannabe, Cindy McCain, was in the news by making a humanitarian trip to the war-torn nation of Georgia.

Meanwhile, quietly, without fanfare, the US Mint release the Alaska State Quarter into circulation.

Arizona was the previous State Quarter in the series.

For the previous 48 states, the US Mint has either had a first issuance ceremony on the first day of circulation. This time, the Mint waited until Friday, August 29 to issue its press release and hold its first issuance ceremony.

On Friday, August 29, John McCain announced that he selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice President.

Conspiracy theorists could say that the Mint was made aware of the pick by the McCain campaign and asked to delay their announcement until Friday. The Mint could say that they did not want to overshadow the Democratic National Convention with the announcement of the quarter’s release while accommodating the schedule of the Alaska State Fair, even though the Fair started on August 21. What do you think?

Image courtesy of the US Mint

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